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 Encrypted Application - Mod/Admin

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What do you think based on my application?
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Hell NO.
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PostSubject: Encrypted Application - Mod/Admin   Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:52 am


1) Explain how you would make the experience better for the rest of the players.

Well you see, I'm basically just like you. I'm a good person and all. I have my own server, and I look into the same qualities that you do look into people applying to be part of your staff. I am a great person, out going, party boy, really generous IRL.

All the stated above, I can show and prove to you. That: I'm a respectful person to who logs onto your server.
I will help them out, give them the information that wasn't already supplied. I would show them around and how to make money that will benefit them later on while they are playing.

2) Describe what kind of computing abilities you have (e.g. Are you a good coder? Do you know how to host? Etc.).

I'm a great coder, but not the best. I might know things that you might not, and you might know things that I might not, but I and you are both studying the same code. We understand it properly.

I've studied the codes stated below:

-Java Script
-Java FX

I hope, I'm not over qualified. That is the coding languages I know and more will be posted when I study.

3) How would you deal with a player complaining to you about a possible scammer?

Well you never know, if the player is lying and causing a possible illusion to himself.
I would ask the player if he has a screen shot of the trade, or other types of proof that he got scammed.
If he has no screen shot, I would have to gather both players and ask them, if it's not working.
If It was my server, I'd ask the player who got scammed what item he had.
Then I'd go into the possible scammers character notepad and check the item codes in his invent and bank,
If the codes didn't match up to what the player lost, he would be lie-ing, if they did. I wouldn't ban the player.
I'd give him a warning, if that doesn't work I'll mute him for a couple hours, if again. I'll have to ban him.

4) How would you deal with a spammer?

Everyone hates a spammer right? I don't I find them amusing. Every server has one spammer joining daily or possibly more. Well you see, you can either mute him and that will stop him or he'll spam ::yell.

Well spammers don't usually play the server they spam on, they just want to advertise so you might as well ban the spammer.

P.S Also they might be spamming cause they didn't get a staff spot.

5) How would you treat different players in game? (e.g. Would you play favorites?)

I treat everyone in life as equal, why not treat the players equal who come and go.
If they do anything to hurt and disturb other players on the server, I would have to take action and stop it.

No, I don't play favorites.

6) What kind of improvements do you think could be made for the game?

Possibly a nicer home, I do have one in mind.
These days everyone has rock crabs as a training area,
so might as well try something else with a slayer master involved.
So they can train a skilling stat while training combat. (That would be nice)
Maybe the shops closer to home.

7) What is your personal opinion on the current staff? (e.g. Do they listen? Do they help other players with their problems? Etc.)

I can't really say anything about the staff, but I'm sure you picked them right and they won't cause any problems.

8.) Are you holding any grudges against any of the current players? (Be honest. If we find out that you lied, you will be demoted. We’re looking for honesty in our staff.)

Honestly why waste life holding a grudge, it doesn't work out and it ruins both your fun. No I don't hold grudges at all or to any players.

9) Have you ever been a moderator before? If yes, then for what server?

Yes, I have been a co-owner if you'd like to know on MoparWorld.
Administrator on CapeScape.
Donator Status On Rune Zone V8 (With out donating)

10) If you have anything else to say that you feel we need to know, type it below.

I'd like to say HI! to everyone here. Also thanks for having me on your forums and server.

Also you guys owe me a proper "WELCOME" hehe like any new player.

User: Encrypted
Way of contact? Odie_Razek@hotmail.com - The.Child@live.com

Proof Of Server: Here are some pictures.

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Co-Owner Lt Shadow

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PostSubject: Re: Encrypted Application - Mod/Admin   Sun Nov 29, 2009 2:19 am

Your application is now In Review Beautiful application, Goodluck Smile ~Ashley~
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Male Number of posts : 8
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PostSubject: Re: Encrypted Application - Mod/Admin   Sun Nov 29, 2009 3:07 am

Co-Owner Lt Shadow wrote:
Your application is now In Review Beautiful application, Goodluck Smile ~Ashley~

Thank you, Ashley. You give me hope Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Encrypted Application - Mod/Admin   

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Encrypted Application - Mod/Admin
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